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Jeffrey Nemes

Jeffrey Nemes is a Florida based Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Nemes's Bio:

Jeffrey Nemes is a self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success. He continually strives to utilize his well-organized and efficient sales, management and organizational skills while growing within the framework of an organization or firm. His ability to communicate and interact effectively with individuals of all levels makes him an asset to any corporate environment. Mr. Nemes’ specialties include, budgeting, contract management, credit, customer relations, delivery of goods and services, legal experience and contract review, marketing, materials management, meeting facilitation, personnel and staffing, organizational and management, mergers and acquisitions as well as long term business development.

Jeffrey Nemes's Experience:

Jeffrey Nemes's Interests & Activities:

Renewable energy, politics, humanitarian issues

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